Beltone V-belts

From a process and specialty manufacturing to mining, and everything in between, Beltone’s industrial V-belts help the leading industrial houses outperform the competition. As power transmission experts for over two decades, Beltone is a trusted V-belt brand in Gujarat.

Our V-belts are manufactured with precision and high quality natural and synthetic rubbers, reinforced with high tenacity polyester cable cords and protected by a jacket of square woven textile fabric. The polyster cord is treated with special rubber adhesive layer, to provide superior adhesion with rest of the belt, under tough working conditions.

The Neoprene jacket fabric, which is a blend of polyester and cotton is coated with polychloroprene synthetic rubber, to provide resistance from oil fumes, abrasion, heat and weather during running. Thorough attention on quality and precision in manufacturing. (V-belts) IS 2494 standards OR Beltone V-belts meet IS 2494 standards.

Product range:
Section Length
A 437 – 5030 mm
B 610 – 7140 mm
C 610 – 7140 mm
D 2075 – 11275 mm

Features and specifications:

  1. Height-width ratio of 1 : 1.6
  2. Maximum belt speed 30 m / second
  3. Temperature range: -18* C to +80* C

Section A B C D E
Belt top width 13 17 22 32 38
Datum width 11 14 19 27 32
Belt height 8 11 14 19 23
Recommended minimum pulley datum diameter 71 112 180 355 500
Belt weight (kg/m) 0.109 0.190 0.324 0.690 0.958
Belt speed (max.) 30 m / second



Excellent operating reliability

Optimum operating features

Friction-resistant cover fabric

For Universal Use

More Flexible than wedge belts

Electrically Conductive

Industries where V-belts are used





Food Processing

Oil and Gas

Paper and Pulp